From 2 to 4 September 2013, will be held in Bern the Otological Microsurgery Course with Emphasis on Minimally Invasive Techniques – OMMIT 2013.

This two-day course will focus on anatomical whole-head dissection combining theoretical presentations with hands-on demonstrations and live surgeries.

One of the organizers of this workshop is Marco Caversaccio, HEAR-EU Work Package Leader.

For more info:  http://otology.swiss-meeting.org/2013/index.php?tab=1

Next 26 September 2013, will be held the 3rd Workshop on Mesh Processing in Medical Image Analysis - MeshMed 2013 in the Toyoda Auditorium of the Nagoya University in Japan.

Mesh Processing, I2M Pipeline and Surface Analysis and Extraction will be the main three topics the workshop will focus in order to elucidate the role that meshes have in the field of medical image analysis.

One of the organizers of this workshop is Rasmus R. Paulsen, HEAR-EU Work Package Leader.

For more info: http://www2.imm.dtu.dk/projects/MeshMed


Next 22 September 2013, the 2nd Workshop on Clinical Image-based Procedures - CLIP 2013 will be held in the Toyoda Auditorium of the Nagoya University in Japan.

Entitled Translational Research in Medical Imaging, this workshop will cover broad aspects of the medical imaging such as emerging techniques in image-based procedures and patient-specific and anatomical modeling.

One of the organizers of this workshop is Miguel Ángel González Ballester, HEAR-EU Project Coordinator.

For more info: http://miccai-clip.org



Miguel Ángel González Ballester attended the EMBC Conference in Osaka, 3 - 7  July, 2013.

A poster was exhibited presenting project outcomes on Functional Simulation of the Cochlea.


EMBC Poster 2013


Last March HEAR-EU partners met in Bern to assess and discuss the technical progress achieved during the first 6 months of the project.

Project partners were welcomed by Prof. Stefan Weber, Director of the ARTORG Center of Biomedical Engineering Research of the University of Bern.

The first day, sessions and discussions were focussed on the work packages and their progress achieved so far. In combination with the technical sessions a guided tour around ARTORG Center facilities gave partners an approach of the research performed there. During the two days meeting, Project partners had also the opportunity to see two live interventions of cochlear implantation performed by Dr. Pascal Senn and Prof. Marco Caversaccio.

The plenary meeting finished with an overview on future work and on next actions to perform in the following 6 months.

Group Meeting Bern2

HEAR-EU is a collaborative project supported by the European Union under the Health Cooperation Work Programme of the 7th Framework Programme

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Miguel A. González Ballester