During this one-day scientific meeting, HEAR-EU partners visited MED-EL premises and experienced, first hand, the manufacturing process of the hearing implants. This visit was held in the context of scientific issues related to WP1.

The Consortium counted also with the participation of Prof. Dr. Anneliese Schrott-Fischer and Dr. Rudolf Glückert from the Inner Ear Laboratory of the Innsbruck University ENT Clinic.

Miguel Ángel González Ballester met Mauricio Reyes (UBERN) and Rasmus Paulsen (DTU) with the occasion of the 15th MICCAI Conference in Nice.

Discussions were focussed on technical details of WP1.

The two days Kick-off Meeting took place at the Real Club Náutico in Barcelona.

After a welcome speech of the President of ALMA, Dr. Javier Herrero it followed welcome introduction offered by the coordinator, Miguel Ángel González Ballester, highlighting the interdisciplinary aspect of the project and stressing the privilege it is working together with so eminent research groups and with the leading companies in their field of expertise. The first day was divided into 3 sets of sessions. In the first session partners presented their background and key concepts with the purpose that everybody involved in the project acquires a general understanding of the concepts and technologies inherent to the project. The second session was focussed on a description of the project overview and its general structure. The afternoon was dedicated to a revision of the work packages and to discuss relevant points in it involved. A Welcome Dinner brought to a close the first day. The second day sessions were dedicated to management and dissemination issues and to a revision of tasks assigned to each partner and next actions to follow.

foto kick-off

HEAR-EU started last September 1st 2012 and will end in August 3 2015


HEAR-EU is a collaborative project supported by the European Union under the Health Cooperation Work Programme of the 7th Framework Programme

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Miguel A. González Ballester